Dear Students,

mustafaunal On behalf of the Akdeniz University family, it is my great pleasure to welcome you to your new home.
Every good choice we make is an important step towards a better future. You are now ready to take the most valuable possible step forward for the benefit of your future prospects because you have chosen Akdeniz University, which is a modern, active and pioneering scientific institution which is known both inside Turkey and abroad as an outstanding university in the fields of education, training and service.
Our university is one of the leading universities in Turkey, with an outstanding academic staff, a well-designed physical and scientific infrastructure, social and cultural opportunities, a record of international cooperation and a commitment to continuous development. Akdeniz University, mentioned continuously for its successes, will continue to add new achievements through the contributions made by you, our precious students who have recently joined our family.
The Akdeniz University family makes great efforts to provide the best education for you, the students who will shape the future, lead Turkey’s progress, and provide great services to all humankind. We will always be at your side to make your university years a period of your life that you will never forget, and we will continue to be at your side as we present new opportunities and business openings.
With the hope of adding our names to significant new achievements and shaping the future together, I embrace you all and wish you outstanding success in your educational life.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÜNAL

Son Güncelleme : 24 February Friday 2017