Akdeniz University was founded in 1982 in Antalya, and incorporated a number of higher education institutions in the West Mediterranean region of Turkey. In 1992 the units of Akdeniz University which were located in Isparta were transferred to Süleyman Demirel University, and in 2006 the units in Burdur were transferred to Mehmet Akif Ersoy University.
From its foundation to the present day, Akdeniz University has played a significant role in the development of activities of vital importance in the fields of education, research and development and service to society, as well as putting its signature on a list of outstanding successes in the fields of health, science, social development, education and arts at both the national and international level.
Today, Akdeniz University has 41 academic units including; 21 faculties, 7 institutes, 3 schools, 1 conservatory, and 11 vocational schools. These units are listed below.


1. Faculty of Medicine
2. Faculty of Agriculture
3. Faculty of Science
4. Faculty of Letters
5. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
6. Faculty of Engineering
7. Faculty of Education
8. Faculty of Fine Arts
9. Faculty of Law
10. Faculty of Communication
11. Faculty of Fisheries
12. Faculty of Dentistry
13. Faculty of Theology
14. Faculty of Tourism
15. Faculty of Nursing
16. Manavgat Tourism Faculty*
17. Kumluca Faculty of Health Sciences*
18. Faculty of Architecture*
19. Faculty of Applied Sciences
20. Serik Faculty of Management ve Faculty of Sports Sciences
21. Faculty of Sports Sciences


1. Institute of Health Sciences
2. Institute of Natural and Applied Sciences
3. Institute of Social Sciences
4. Institute of Fine Arts
5. Prof. Dr. Tuncer Karpuzoğlu Institute of Organ Transplantation*
6. Institute of Educational Sciences
7. Mediterranean Civilisations Research Institute


1. School of Physical Education and Sports
2. Antalya School of Health
3. School of Foreign Languages
4. Ayşe Sak School of Applied Sciences**


1. Akdeniz University Antalya State Conservatory


1. Vocational School of Technical Sciences
2. Vocational School of Social Sciences
3. Vocational School of Health Services
4. Elmalı Vocational School
5. Kumluca Vocational School
6. Korkuteli Vocational School
7. Serik Gülsün-Süleyman Süral Vocational School
8. Manavgat Vocational School
9. Finike Vocational School
10. Vocational School of Justice
11. Göynük Culinary Arts Vocational School

* Education has not started yet.
** This unit is now closed.